A spicy hot chinese noodles is so satisfying on a rainy and gloomy day. Instantly lights up the mood and when it’s home made , the joy is double.

Let’s start the post with a picture of the final dish

WP_20150815_002Now to the INGREDIENTS.

Chinese noodles – 1 packet

Onion – 1 medium, sliced

Carrot – 1 small, cut lengthwise into strips

Beans – 4-5, cut lengthwise

Potato – 1 small, cut lengthwise into strips

Cabbage – little, cut lengthwise

Garlic pods – 5-6 cut into small pieces

Schzwen sauce – 1 TBsp ( you can replace Schzwen sauce with  a tsp each of chilly sauce and tomato sauce. There’ll be slight variation in the taste)

Soy sauce – 1 tsp

Salt to taste

Oil 1 TBsp

Water – 2 litres


Cook the noodles by adding 2 liters water and a tsp of oil. Once it’s done, run under tap water and keep aside.

I used feasters veg hakka noodles. The instruction in pack recommends cooking in 1 liter water. I felt the starch in the noodles weren’t washed out and made the noodles sticky. So I added one more liter and the noodles turned out fine.

Use your judgement while cooking. Extra water is not going to do any harm. Less water makes the noodles sticky because of the starch.


Take a heavy bottom wok.

Heat oil.

Throw in the garlic pods and let it brown.

Next goes onions, carrot, beans, potato, cabbage. Stir in high flame for a minute.

Add the sauces- Soya and schzwen. Followed by salt. (The sauces are pretty salty. Taste before you add salt. You’ll approximately need less than 1/2 tsp)

Cover with lid and reduce the flame to medium.

Let it cook for 3-4 minutes.

Turn the flame up and toss the noodles. Let the sauce and veg mixture spread evenly throughout the noodles.

Serve hot 🙂



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